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We all know that resurfacing saves time and money.

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Resurfacing is not just about painting some color on a tub or a counter, if it were, then you don’t need us; a simple can of spray paint will do just fine.

The real magic in the resurfacing process is, well, the process.

You could have the best process in the world and spend hours prepping and perfecting the surface, then throw on a can of paint from your local hardware store and you will have a streaky mess that needs to be fixed after your first shower or bath.

You might also have the most expensive, top secret science lab created, topcoat ever manufactured sprayed on your tub surface but, without the right prep, what do you get? Expensive, top secret lab, and super top coated soap scum that will wash down the drain or peel off in super expensive strips.

The magic of the process is combining professional preparation with quality product. That is why you need quality resurfacing professionals. Surface Xchange combines years of experience in process with trusted patented products from Hawk Research Labs to give you the best quality, guaranteed to last.

Contact us to see the difference a professional process and quality product can make.

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