Why Replace? Resurface!

Whether remodeling a kitchen/bathroom, or turning a unit in a multi-housing property… Updating and repairing is necessary. Replacing a countertop or a bathtub may seem like a great way to start; however, unless its broken… its not cost or time effective. The hidden costs of remodel are often not discussed.

Yes, the tub at your local hardware store costs $400 and its brand-new. However, that new tub requires removal of the old tub (which often needs to be sawed in half to remove it from the bathroom). Then you need to re-tile, or fix the drywall/greenboard to ensure the area is water tight. You will need new fixtures and new plumbing connections. The unit will need to cure and be tested, and depending on the municipality… may require permits and inspections. Your $400 tub is now $4000 and a 3 month project requiring at least 4 different contractors.

Resurfacing changes all of that.

With a tub resurfacing, you can get any cuts and scratches removed, the existing plumbing can stay, no wall damage, and it is ready to be used that evening. Oh, and it costs less than 1/10 of the cost of replacement.

Why Replace?

Check out the videos below from one of our partners. A picture is worth a thousand words… and sometimes saves thousands of dollars…

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